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Understand Your Website Needs

My name is Liz Medwid, and I create new websites for businesses selling all kinds of products and services.

After a decade of website development, my most valuable piece of advice is that your website must embody your business objectives.

As a business, you have a short time to communicate your product or service to potential customers. Your website should place your current offerings front and centre in an engaging way that attracts your customers to interact with you.

Your website can give you a return on investment if it reaches out to your customers in the way most fitting to your service or product offerings.

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Bright Art Media has a lot to offer your website development project.


I work from your direction to compose copy that will appeal to your customer.  If you already have a website, I provide writing services to get your content marketing campaign underway.

Product Photography

I offer professional product photos and photo editing to provide images for your shop or images for structural aspects of your website (like headers and backgrounds).

Website Design

  • provide online information
  • offer your services
  • show your portfolio
  • demonstrate your craft
  • provide an online shop
  • take appointments
  • build your social media

Logo Design

Don’t have a logo yet? I provide unique vector graphic logos that you can use on your website and in your print advertising and signage.

Video Integration

Bring your website to life by adding a promo video, tutorial, or how-to to the main page, and using video in select background areas of your website.


Your website comes equipped with search engine optimization tools, and I guide you in SEO best practices, so your customers can find you online.

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